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The Landing Page

"Our mission is to deliver secure, pragmatic and cost-effective IT Consultancy, Delivery, and Managed Service solutions optimised to our client's requirements."
Jason Faichney, Managing Director

A rare species in IT.

Uniquely in the market, we combine our impressive global delivery capability with the strategic focus and executive engagement of larger consultancies.
When executive decisions are given the green light, RedTail Consulting thrives on end-to-end delivery challenges across a broad spectrum of competencies as a trusted partner.
From senior leadership engagement right the way through to individual technical expertise, we are a safe pair of hands with proven acumen.

Our Team has decades of combined, proven multi-sector, domestic and global experience in hard IT and Information Security delivery.

Our deep expertise in various disciplines (Service Management, Risk Management, Information Security, Digital Change, Transition & Transformation), combined with best practice approaches, leveraging like-minded individuals, enables us to provide service delivery excellence and build trust with our clients.

Certified Value-Added Reseller forthe world’s leading Cyber Security Awareness Platform

Information Security

Stay one step ahead of digital dangers with our comprehensive range of Information Security services. From proactive threat prevention to rapid response plans, we’ve got every aspect covered to keep your data secured. Don’t take chances when it comes to security.

Digital Change

With digital products present in every domain of life we need to adjust our interactions and processes to maximise the potential of human talent with enhanced technologies we deploy. RedTail uses it’s DAO methodology to support your organisation on your Digital Journey.

Data Intelligence

Harness the power of Digital Intelligence solutions to drive your decision making. anticipating trends, mitigating risks, and elevating performance. Unlock hidden value in your data through advanced analytics, automation, and predictive insights tailored specifically for your needs.

End User Experience

Personalised, intuitive, and responsive End User interface is necessary to create an engaging digital workplace for your employees. We are committed to creating intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces designed by IT but not for IT. Bring the focus back to company’s most valuable resource – people.

Technical Capabilities

Our remote technical team travel all over the world to deliver what is needed the most. We specialise in difficult cases – from providing timely issue identification and rectification to proactive prevention strategies. We provide customised solutions and individual approach – we leave of the “off the shelf approach” to others.

Sourcing & Procurement 

Designed to elevate procurement’s role as a key driver of enterprise success we provide cutting-edge technological enhancements. Embrace innovation and propel your success further ahead with our data-centric methodology, including ROI tracking at every step. Transform your sourcing and procurement approach with data driven and tailored solutions.

Soaring above.

When it comes to IT and Cyber Security, you may compare us to any of the ‘big four’ (or is it seven now?) or alternatively focus on what makes us different.

Part of what truly sets us apart is our sharp focus on discovery.

At Redtail, we believe that project recovery requires more than just fixing the immediate issue at hand. Instead, we take a diagnostic approach to identify the symptoms and signs, and then tackle the root cause of the problem with unwavering determination. This approach ensures that we are not just putting a band-aid on the issue, but rather addressing the underlying problem in a way that is comprehensive and long-lasting. With our approach, you can trust that we always have your best interests at heart and will be there for you when you need us most.

In other words, when it comes to IT and Cyber Security, we’ve got your back.