Quality Management

Establishing and reducing operational risk, increasing performance, reliability and delivery certainty to meet client goals is the key to a successful Quality Management landscape.

Utilising decades of IT delivery experience, we will independently analyse, optimise and deliver on a set of tailored, useable enhancements, implementing them throughout your organisation.

Our processes are based on best practice principles and using industry recognised techniques to lock in quality.


  • A targeted approach, focusing on the optimisation of specific known problem areas split into logical work groupings or phases.
  • General optimisation approach focusing on identifying opportunities for improvement and any deviations from Best Practices split into logical work groupings or phases.
  • Quality Management Plan

Testing Health Check

Ensure a clients Test Methodology is lean, fit for purpose and demonstrates value for money. Helping to avoid the pitfalls of over-testing, wasted time and effort.

We will identify areas for improvement, define measured and controlled steps based on your business priorities and objectives.

Using industry recognised TPI® approach, we will provide an objective means to pragmatically review the status of your current Test methodologies & processes to ensure they are fit for purpose


  • Structured interviews with key personnel.
  • Review of existing test documentation, processes and tools.
  • Completion of TPI® Health Check Questionnaire.
  • Recommendation Report creation and presentation.


Test Strategy

A comprehensive, robust Test Strategy positioned correctly can save valuable time, money and significantly reduce effort and negative press.

No matter the delivery methodology, we will deliver a Test Strategy and associated Approach using TMAP as a foundation on top of over 20+yrs Test delivery experience which will lock quality into your project. All of our Strategies, when executed in full, will ensure audit & compliance requirements are met.


  • Review of current delivery culture and assessment of project delivery goals including existing collateral.
  • Interviews to review and understand the project/delivery objectives.
  • Tailored Test Strategy supporting delivery & project objectives


Test Framework Delivery

Ensuring the entire Test Framework is viable, sustainable and fit for purpose is key to supporting a successful Business As Usual and/or Project Delivery Team.

Using the proven TMAP methodology, we will deliver a comprehensive Test Framework that works for you. Process infrastructure that supports your overall testing aims and delivery capability


  • Interviews to review and understand current Test Process.
  • Create Guidelines, Templates, checklists and procedures to support the testing process
  • Tool guidance and adoption

Audit, Compliance & IS Export Control Review


Having an accurate approach and set of evidence available for audit and compliance requirements is a growing concern for many organisations.

Failure to meet these requirements can cause significant reputational damage, result in severe penalties and derail plans to drive operations and the business forward.

We can help ensure you meet these strict requirements using our tried and tested framework


  • Working with audit and compliance teams to deliver SOX, ICoFAR and any other mission-critical compliance requirements.
  • For Export Control, delivery of a Technology Control Plan as an integral part of your Internal Compliance Program.

Identification of controlled data.

Implementation of procedures for handling IT/IS change, access management, security of data transfer and storage of controlled data.

Generation of necessary audit trails to track changes.