Test Strategy Optimisation for a Global Technology company


Our client was initially committed to a standard “off the shelf” Test Strategy to support their global Transition and Transformation programme (prescribed by a different leading Global IT Consultancy outfit as part of a perceived ‘Land & Expand’ initiative).

Early on it was evident that the strategy would not support the aims of the programme nor the Business Operating Model post-transition, given the intention was to adopt the new process globally.

RedTail was chosen as a trusted Supplier already supporting the Global Programme as the partner to re-think/challenge this strategy and align the needs of the programme while tailoring a suitable, achievable and pragmatic approach and accompanying methodology with processes  and skilled, professional resources to achieve success


With a lean approach to Test Discovery & analysis of the culture, environment and attitude to risk, testing and a quality end product, we began to assess strategies for sustainable delivery. In detail:

First, we stripped out over engineered thinking with regards to the stages of testing and associated planning/integration with up/down-stream internal stakeholders as well as a number of external suppliers.

Following consultation with the client and after capturing their delivery aims, timelines and likely transition path. We challenged the ‘v model’ test methodology selected and moved to a hybrid agile model (more closely aligned to a Disciplined Agile process),

We implemented a complimentary Risk-Based Strategy following engagement with key stakeholders saving time and money. Through this tried and tested dynamic process, we also managed to reduce headcount significantly and also reduce the test tool licensing costs by over 70%.

The client was delighted that they were now in a position to adopt the strategy wholescale and to globally deliver the aggressive and challenging T&T programme, in addition to supporting BAU process & delivery capability


The results for our client, in this case, were fairly dramatic and in a sense groundbreaking from a Test and Quality Assurance perspective. Through this work, we set the trend for further optimisation throughout the Technology estate.

Our client now has the documented processes, the correct tools and confidence to continue on a successful test and validation journey. The culture is changing, and realistic gains and savings are tangible.